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This style of dance is defined by its range and diversity. With influences from ballet, jazz and modern, contemporary creates a style that is unique and always changing. Set to a variety of music, classes will focus on technique through floor work and across-the-floor combinations, as well as movement and musicality.
Our musical theatre classes are always a show stopping hit! Inspired by songs and styles of broadway musicals, this high energy dance class focuses on the many techniques of jazz including kicks, leaps and pirouettes, often incorporating the use of props.
Latin Jazz
Latin Jazz is an exciting dance style with a unique “Latin” flavor. This partner-less dance style will have a combination of technical Jazz skills fused with authentic Latin dance movements. The mixture of Jazz and Latin music makes this dance style blistering hot.
Street Jazz
Street jazz is peppered with a fusion of street and funk movements. This class focuses on the musicality of funk, rock and pop combined together with smooth and sizzling cutting edge choreography. It has the sharpness of jazz combined with the athleticism of hip hop to make this a street style you will love!
This flirtatious class is a combination of seductive and tantalizing movements characterized by its intimate nature. It is both steamy and spicy and based on an exotic tease. Indulge in this empowering class as you get fit while having fun.
Tiny Tots
Our tiny tot program aims to teach all the basic movements in dance while promoting a fun and stress free environment. Students will learn elements of both ballet and jazz through multi-sensory learning. It encourages creativity, confidence and a playful spirit. Our tiny tots class allows children to engage in positive social interactions with peers while developing a strong body and healthy mind.
This highly structured class focuses on core strength, balance, poise and posture. It develops a long and lean body with emphasis placed on flexibility, equilibrium and strong technique.
Hip Hop
Hip Hop has quickly become the latest craze! This hard hitting class is filled with excitement and energy, hot moves and attitude. This fusion of hip hop and funk allows you to enhance your natural abilities while working at your own pace. Learn the newest choreography with the latest music. This class is fun at any level!
This energetic style focuses on percussive footwork with strong accents on rhythm and style. It aims to increase coordination and strength while improving your cardiovascular health.
This dance style combines elements of jazz and ballet in an ever evolving dance form. Its elegant style and fluidity of movement teaches students musicality, versatility and use of space. Lyrical focuses on graceful movements using weight and dynamics. It also develops disciplined, highly controlled and physically powerful dancers.
This class incorporates kicks, pirouettes, leaps and combination steps to focus on developing technically strong dancers. Jazz classes have a structured warm up, across the floor combinations and a choreography section all designed to promote a strong, flexible and well rounded dancer.
Acro is the fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. This high energy class will consist of cardio, flexibility, strength, balancing and tumbling. Students will be taught by Acrobatic Arts certified teachers and are sure to have fun, gain strength and develop new skills throughout the year. In addition to acro, it is recommended that students take another dance class to fully gain the skill of being able to flow together dance and acrobatics seamlessly.
Commercial Jazz
Commercial jazz combines the many styles of jazz with a flirtatious energetic flare. It fuses technique, style, flexibility and strength to produce a style of dancing most often seen in the commercial industry. This high energy class begins with an in depth warm up, continues with across the floor combos and finishes with fun, fast paced choreography. Commercial jazz takes the traditional elements of jazz and combines with the newest dance trends.
Children’s Combination Classes
Simply combining two different styles together in one class. Each class is split between both disciplines to encourage interest and maintain alertness. A great way for children to discover their talent.
Mini Movers (18-24 months)
This parent and me style class is designed as an introduction to dance. It teaches fundamental movements and dance skills to support a toddlers growing body and mind. Classes focus on creative play through dance while developing basic social skills and cognitive learning. This program is developmentally appropriate, creative and fun. It’s the perfect class for an active toddler!
Tumbling Tots (Age 3-4)
Our tumbling tots class is designed as an introduction to our acro program. Children will learn fundamental skills in tumbling, balance and flexibility through a playful, creative approach. This gymnastics fused dance style is an exciting way for children to learn acro based movements in a fun, interactive environment. Tumbling tots will develop a strong foundation for your acrobatic preschooler as they learn through play.